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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 10, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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encrypted. photos of another target. this high school on the killer's phone and investigators now husband and wife were a match made for terror. state of emergency. deadly storms leaving the pacific northwest under water. torrential downpours triggering mudslides and dramatic rescues. an entire hillside comes crashing down through this home. a dozen states on alert this rning with a new storm moving in. an abc news investigation. donald trump under oath. a new video unearthed raising questions about his credibily. the billionaire grilled about his connection to a twice convicted felon with ties to the mafia. brian ross here with the latest. go big or go home and a huge morning for hollywood's biggest stars. yep, awards season is under way. the biggest movies and tv shows of the year in the spotlight. will bffs jennifer lawrence and amy schumer go head-to-head?
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good morning, america. here we go. awaward seas is cking off this morning with the golden globe nominations on the road to the oscars and, michael, do you have your speech ready for "magic mike". >> i'm getting m my outfit together. maybe with that movie i don't need an outfit. >> may be about that. >> that might guarantee the nomination. >> guarantee a lot of things, george, that we really don't want to go into. >> okay. wellll, we'll t to that in a little bit. right now donald trump still dominating the headlines. wewe have hirival candidate marco rubio standing by live. we begin with the fbi's intense search for answers in that terror attack. the head of the agency says the killers were radicalized before they even me now the feds trying to u unlock the secrets on their phones and computers. abc's matt gutman starts us off in san bernardino, good morning,
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>> reporter: we're learning the couple had encryption software on its devices making it difficult to determine whether they were inspired by isis or directed by the terror group. this morning abc news learned farook and malik not only tried to destroy their data but encrypted some as well. >> there's no doubt that the use of encryption is part of terrorist trade craft now. >> reporter: telling abc news they were only to crack some of their phones, computers and thumb drives. what did they salvage? pictures of farook's phone of this san bernardino high school with its 2500 students. was it a target? >> we're working very hard to understand did they have othther plans? >> reporter: what is clear investigators say plans were laid years before. farook may have been radicalized in 2012. and by late 2013, farook and malik were exchanging their visions online. >> talking about jihad and martyrdom before they were
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>> reporter: investigators checking whether they were a match made specifically for terror. >> at least in this one instance the jihadi websiteand chat rooms prove to be a match making service. thfbi ll now be looking to see if this pattern occurred elsewhere. >> reporter: and also looking to see whether malik was brought into the country on that fiancee visa to set up the sleeper cell striking mayhem when it activated. investigators are learning how malik made it to the u.s. on the visa, if she had been fantasizing a about terror online for years and whether other terrorists match makers have inltrated their people using those visas. robin. >> thank you, matt. the investigation continues. now to those deadly storms pummeling the pacific northwest. the governor of washington declaring a state of emergency, more than a foot and a halalf of rain falling in some aas and
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abc's neal karlinsky is in carnation, washington, where flooding and mudslides are ripping apart homes. good morning, nealal. >> reporter: robin, good morning. what a mess out here. this bridge is closed and with good reason. if we were to actually drive further down we'd be under water. the water is going over the top of the bridge and this river just one of many causing all kinds of problems. this morning, washington state under a state of emergency after a relentless series of storms has left parts of the pacific northwest swimming in floodwaters. >> it's crazy, i've never seen anything like this and happened so quick. >> reporter: the last 48 hours have seen rescues including pets, sinkholes and mudslides. >> everything was shaking. everything went black. >> reporter: near portland one woman drowned when her car got stuck in this creek. and a tree fell on this house killing a 60-year-old woman while she was sleeping. outside seattle, the family inside this home barely escaped as an entire hillside crashed d
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you can see where the hillside came down, it absolutely shredded the underside of this house here. there's a car, it took trees down with it. much of this house was actually pushed out and into the water. the truck went through the house. >> the truck went through the house. all of the brick wall got swept away. >> reporter: floodwaters have mostly swamped rural areas. a so-called pineapple express of warm, tropical moisture that blew in like a fire hose. the governor says the state of emergency out here a actually covers storms that started ten days ago. it has been a really rainy month out here, robin. leaving a real mess. >>t's not over, neal. thank you. another storm taking aim at the pacific northwest,sn't that right, ginger. >> that's it. it's been a series of storms. very latest is hitting now. see that low pressure system circulating here on the satellite radar put together as it slams the pacific northwest today through totonight, he are some of the things you'll see. the flood watches that stay intact from northern california through coastal washington
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montana back to the sierra. one to two feet of snow and wind advisories, this is why. gusts up to 30, 40 miles per hour in some of the cities, gusts higher in some of the mountain areas and look at vegas by tonight, 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. wait till you see how w big the waves will get. more than 30 feet in some places. >> w wow. okay, thanks very much. we move on to donald trump. the attacks on the republican n front-runner not lting up, boxing legend muhahammad alimong the latest to weigh in on his plan to ban muslims from entering the country and his busiss interests taking a hit too but poll numbers strong, some of his highest out in a brand-new poll and not backing down at all. tom llamas is tracking the ststory. >> reporter: good morning. it's more than muhammad ali. now the navy s.e.a.l. commander who overw the bin laden raid talking about the dangers of his plan as reports show some muslims abroad no longer want to
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overnight, donald trump separating himself even further from muslims world wide saying he doesn't need the help of arab nations to go after terrorists overseas. >> now, would you cede that you need arab-muslim nations to help the united states defeat the jihad? would you cede tt? >> no, i don't but i do think it would be very helpful. >> reporter: this as trump claims his proposed ban on muslims coming to the u.s. isn't about religion at all. >> this is about security. it's not about religion. this is about security. we cannot allow people to come into this country that have horrible things on their mind. >> reporter: while hillary clinton telling voters, trump's plan is actually hurting thear on terror. >> donald trump is supplying them with new propaganda. he is playing right into their hands. >> reporter: and boxing great muhammad ali who is muslim releasing this statement. "i believe that our political
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position to bring understanding about the religion of islam and clarify that these misguided murderers have perverted people's views on what islam really is" also weighing in, one of the world's greatest terrorist hunters, retired navy admiral william mccraven. he oversaw the navy s.e.a.l. operation that killed osama bin laden. here's his take on trump's ban on muslims. >> when we get to that point then isis has won so we can't go down that path. we cannot restrict muslims from coming into the united states. >> reporter: so the big question, how is all of this affecting trump? a new poll out of south carolina. guess what it shows, donald trump up 20 points. his biggest lead ever in south carolina. dr. carson, senator cruz and senator rubio tied for second essentially. two big points. this is trump's biggest lead in south carolina since he started running and, second, this was conducted before and after his call to ban muslims from coming into the u.s. george. .
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senator marco rubio right now, also running for president on the republican side. welcome back. you called mr. trump's proposal outlandish, offensive and unconstitutional. so why would you still support him if he's the nominee? >> well, first of all he's not going to be the nominee. i'm pretty confident of that so let's continue moving forwarard on this campaign where i think we'll nominate someone who has a chance to win in the general election. that's what i'm going to focus on. >> let me interrupt you. you say he's not going to be the nominee but at 35% not only in that poll but new "the new york times"/cbs poll has him at 35%. you're only at 9%. >> i i know, grge, but you've been following politics for a long time and most of the people that are leading in december very rarely win in january and february and march when these votes start to count so i'm not going to hyper ventilate about polls and not do what the media has fallen into, we had a paige
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week ago yesterday and all the talk you charging the newscasts are donated by this plan that's never going to happen. th will never become the law of theountry, what donald trump is proposing. let's focus on the things we can do somhing about, which is how these people in san bernardino carried out this attack and the others who are out there perhaps even within the homeland even as i speak that are attempting to carry out similar attacks and so we need to refocus back on the important issue of terrorism, particularly as it applies to attacks s here in e homeland because this is a growing threat and we're not spending nearly enough time focused on that. >> on that issueue secreta clinton is making the argument the whole gop field is cut from the same cloth. watch this. >> they are all driving the exact narrative that jihadists want to advance. that we are at war, not with baarists, violent murderers, but with an entire religion. thiss a grave mistake. >> your response?? >> my response is that t there
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america is stronger safer after hillary clinton was secretary of state or barack obama has been president. ask me. ask them. what part of the world today is safer or more stable and america stronger after seven years of clinton and obama in charge of our foreign policy? so she really has no credility to talk about these issues. the truth is that there are elements within islam that are radicalized and that believe that it is their obligation and duty to kill or enslave anyone who does not agree with their interpretation of their faith. we need to confront it for what it is, an ideological movement that attempts to enslave and kill people that do not agree with them. the sooner we realize that the better our strategy to confront them is going to be. they can cannot be contained. they must be defeated. >> senator ted cruz is coming on strong and new polls put him ahead in iowa and says we need to carpet bomb isis. says i don't know if sand can glow in the character but we're going to find out. would that be part of your strategy, as well?
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air strikes but you cannot defeat isisimply from air strikes. there is to the a single military official active or inactive that says we can defeat them simply from the air. they would have to be confronted on the ground. it must be a coalition of which the bulk is made up of sunni arab, the kurds are doing a great job in the kurdish areas. we should empower christians to defend themselves in their areas and their families but the bulk of that ground force needs to be arab sunnis that reject ideolocally and defeat militarily isis and they will need our help. we will have to increase the number of special operators to call in the air strikes and need more logistical and intelligence support and we'll need more support from egypt, the saudi arabia, jordan andhe uae, other kingdoms immediately impacted by isis' presence in the region buthey must be defeated othe ground. we will not be able to defeat them from the air simply. >> thanks for your time. >> thanks. now to chicago. hundreds of protesters taking to the streets last night demanding that the mayor and president
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rahm emanuel resign. the latest fallout from the teenager who was shot to death by a police officer. abc's alex perez has t the story >> reporter: this morning, chicago mayor rahm emanuel apology -- >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: -- falling on deaf ear hundndreds of otesters demanding he resign. >> who got to go? >> all: rahm emanuel. >> reporter: overnight frustrated demonstrators taking to the streets. >> we e are callg for the resignation of mayor rahm emanuel. >> reporter: emanuel under scruti for weeks after the release of this dash cam video showing an officer shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald who later died. video city attorneys fought to keep under wraps. >> i o it. i take responsibility for what happened because it happened on my wch. >> reporter: since the dash cam in the case at least two other videos of police misconduct have been made public.
7:14 am
choking back emotion as he described a question a young man who has had run-ins with the law asked him. >> do you think the police would ever treat you the way they treat me? and the answer is, no, and that is wrong. and that has to change in this city. >> reporter: but the emotion for some not enough. >> the political theater surrounded around totoday is s disingenuous. >> reporter: protesters vowing to keep the pressure on and emanuel insists he will not resign and says his newly created task force will have concrete solutions for the police department here by the end of march. robin. >> all right, alex, thanks. amy with the other top stories. a new terror arrest. the fbi arrested a minnesota man accused of supporting terrorists in syria and iraq. the 20-year-old somali-americacan apparently helped a group of men trying to leave the u.s. and then join isis. and the man accused of gunning down three people at a colorado planned parenthood
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court. robert dear called himself a warrior for the babies. his lawyer says dear may not be mentally competent to stand trial. well, the middle class is no longer the economic majority in america. middle class americans n make up just under half the population. 49.9% according to the pew research center, compare that to the early '7 when the middle class made up 61% of the population. well, an explosive crash in alabama, a truck carrying chemicals hit another truck bursting into flames but remarkably both drivers are okay. >> whoa. and that is a look at the news. back to you guys. >> all right there. thank you, amy. michael, 'tis the season. >> 'tis the season to get rered rpet ready. >> yeah. >> it's award seasons kicks off this morning with the golden globe nominations and abc's chris connelly has a look at all the movies and tv shows that could be big winners. give me some good news.
7:16 am
ok without its golden girls? >> "gravity" nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minutute with a woman n his own e. >> reporter: taking over for amy and tina, a familiar if controversial favorite. >> now the hollywood foreign press have warned me if i insult any of you or cause any controversy whatsoever, they'll definitely invite me back next year, as well. >> reporter: ricky gervais returns as america's favorite bffs poise to square off against each other in the best actress musical comedy. jennifer lawrence for "joy." >> what teams do you like? >> st. louis arches. >> r reporter:my schumer for "trainwreck." >> everyone will be interested in this. >> reporter: "spotlight" expected to make front page news at the golden globes with a nomination for best drama and possible nods for michael keaton, mark ruffalo and rachel mcadams as investigative
7:17 am
yet to come to a theater near anyone but "the revenant" shou hunt down a best actor drama nomination for leonardo dicaprio. tv, the globes love buzztasitc news shows like "how to get away withurder." and last year's winner "transparent." don't be surprised to see "mr. robot" earning early kudos. remember, it's the golden globes. >> i don't feel jected. >> reporter: pretty much anything can happen. surprises, snubs and actors getting good news while still in their sleepwear all just a few minutes away, guys. >> we love those calls when we wake them up, don't we, chris. >> pretty loose. always have fun that night. >> different with the golden globes. maybe because alcohol is served. >> you have the bar. >> perhahaps that could be. i don't want to judge but could be. ginger, we didn't need coats today. >> no, it's 50 in new york city and that mild air is doing its
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watch this. nine days ago the snow cover across the u.s., remember we had that snow and look at it now. very little left. only 10% snow cover. the e mild airirit is stking through the weekend especially anywhere east of kansas city. there are still some snowy
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we want to get them now. all this, the warmth is working out so well for me right now. i'm considering el nino for a name. >> have you checked with ben about that? has ben signed off on at? >> he will not be ininto it. >> ginger, thank you. coming up here on "gma," an abc news investigation, donald trump under fire, the new video raising questions about whether he lied under oath. what abc news uncovered about his relationship with a convicted felon. an alert for parents, popular new app millions of teens are using that blocks you from accessing it. could it be dangerous? new concerns about threats coming up. a major retailer putting a hold on hoverboards after a
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sabrina: elias: a quick check of traffic this morning... this is i-235 at m- l-k... [current conditions] elias: good morning i'm elias johnson... it's 7:24. elias: four metro fire departments are considering a move to improve response times across the area. waukee, west des moines, clive, and urbandale have been on the same dispatch network since the summer, now a merger could be the next step. for now they are working on making it possible for
7:25 am
based on which unit is closest. elias: just over a year later, the man accused of going on a shooting spree in pleasant hill has learned his fate. pete polson, who was found guilty on several charges connected to the shooting spree, has been sentenced to 55 years in prison. he'll have to serve at least 27 and a half years. an appeal is expected in the coming days. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/
7:26 am
if he were sitting in the room right now i really wouldn't know what he looked like.
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donald trump getting grilled about his ties to a convicted felon. brian ross here with that investigation coming up. also right now, the fbi is desperately trying to crack the encryption codes on phones and computers from that terror couple. the head of the fbi says ty were radicalized before they met and investigators are trying to figure out if they were paired up to start a terror cell. major league baseball taking new steps to protect fans from foul balls and flying bats. recommending all teams, all team add netting to block the most vulnerable seats. hear, hear,, peopleave been calling for that so incredibly dangerous. >> safety first. > and remember this piano player. he'saying tribute to the paris attack victims with john lennon's "imagine." can't forget that and u2 and eagles of death metal rocking the city of lights this week. well, now one of the world's most famous stars in the world has given a surprise performance. we'll reveal who that is coming
7:28 am
>> that's interesting. >> nice teasase. we'll begin with a community theater actor on trial for killing twpeople. daniel wozniak prosecutors say shot his neighbor for money and another to cover it up. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: alleged murder plot s that soundsike something out of a shake peerian play. en admitting to go on the show acting in a play that night in a trial that juice began its opening act. he is the community theater actor prosecutors say cast himself in the role of double murderer. >> aimed it and shot sam in the head. >> reporter: facing the death penalt accused of brutally killing his neighbor and another woman amid performing on the night of may 21st, 2010. prosecutors laying out ang alleged murder plot with a clear motive. >> he needs money for the overdrawn bank accounts and kind of a kicker getting married in a
7:29 am
>> reporter: wozniak lured 26-year-old sam her, a military vet returning from afghanistan with over $60,000 socked away in a savings account into a theater attic and sh him. wozniak then invited 2323-year-ol julie kibuishi to herr's artmen killing her making it look hike a murder/suicide. >> pulls ow the same gun and aims it at her head and shoots her twice and kills her. >> reporter: authorities claim he went on with the show before and after the killings, starring in the py "nine" with his then fiance rachel buffett arrested as an accessory and released on bail. >> i am innocent. >> reporter: buffett telling abc news in 2012 the man she was days away fm marrying duised even her. >> it was like the first love that never existed. >> reporter: police nabbed him at his bachelor party when cash
7:30 am
traced back to him. >> i killed julie. i killed sam. sam came fifirst. it was all about the money. >> reporter: wozniak has pleaded not guilty telling msnbc in a jailhouse interview in 2011. >> they were saying that i shot both of them. it's not true. the two victims were two of my close friends. >> reporter: but this morning the family of the victims hoping this trial is now one step closer to justice. >> we loved him with all our hearts. he was our only child. >> reporter: the defense chose to waive its opening statement for now 23409 commenting on the case yesterday but this is a death penalty trial so if convicted of the murders wozniak faces another ministry trial to determine if he'll serve life in prison without the possibility of parole o or receive a death sentence. donald trump is facing seririous backlash for some of the things he said on the campaign trail. this morning he could be in hot water for what he said under oath before running for office about his relationship with a convicted felon who once was
7:31 am
abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here with that story. good morning, briaian. >> goomorning. with the possible exceptions of george washington and abraham lincoln american politicians have a wellstablished record of outrageous statements and stretching the truth. but in the case of donald trump, his critics now say he crossed a line between stretching the truth and telling lies. trump's statements about muslims and the 9/11 attacks have raised the bigge questions about his truthfulness. including his unsupported and widely denied claim that thousands of arabs in new jersey celebrated after the attacks. >> thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: then trump went after a reporter, serge kovaleski who said trump was wrong about the alleged new jersey celebration appearing to mock himim and his disability. >> ah, i don't know what i said, ah, i don't remember. >> reporter: trump said he wasn't mocking the reporter beuse he did not know what he looked like. >> i don't know him.
7:32 am
said they met many times and were once on a first name basis. >> raise your hand please. >> reporter: now there are questions about what trump said under oath in a civil lawsuit about one of the people who helped develop the trump soho york city. the man on the right with trump at the hotel launch party. felix sater, a tce convicted felon once tied to organized crime and a massive stock scam someone trump maintains he barely knows in his veotaped testimony obtained by abc news, trump said he could not even recall what sater looked like. >> if he were sitting in the room right now i really wouldn't know what he looked like. >> reporter: but an abc news investigation found sater, an executive at a real estate company was actively involved in a number of proposed deals with trump. here they were at a gathering in denver in 2005 and in 2010 three years after sater's mob ties became public the trump organization issued sater
7:33 am
as a senior adviser to donald trump with a trump organization e-mail address and phone number. trump's lawyer says sater was an independent broker but no deals came out of it. whatever the relationship, it appearso be very much a sore point for trump. >> why didn't you go to felix sater and say you're connected with the mafia, you're fired? >> r reporter:wo years ago trump cut short a bbc interview after being pressed about sater. >> i hate to do this but i have that big group of people waiting -- >> hold on. one last question. >> reporter: he later said under oath he did not remember being interviewed by the bbc. >> do you recall doing the interview? >> no, i don't. >> trump wouldn't agree t to be interviewed by us at all about sater, instead sent his lawyer who told us about the convicted felon y can't do background checks on everyone. >> yet his number, trump's numbers continue to rise and stay strong. >> absolutely true. >> stronger than ever. coming up, the popular new app millions of teens are using
7:34 am
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we are back at 7:41 with the new app being used by teens that'sausing concern among parents. it's called after school a it lets kids speak to each other anonymously. abc's mary bruce is in washington with much more on all this. good morning, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning, robin. the company says that over 75% of high schools in the u.s. have pages on their app. can'ts tell us it's becoming more popular than facebook. but this morning there are new concerns about what teens are really talking about behind these closed digital doors. it's a high-tech outlet for teenage expression. a hot new app called after school being used b million of high schoolers across the country to anonymoly express their elings.
7:39 am
wondering if t app is a safe space for sharing or a danger zone for anonymous threats. here's how it rks, someone creates a message board for an entire school where students can comment or post images. to gain access the a which is free verifies through facebook that a student in fact goes to that school. and lets them post without using theirnames. no parents or adults are allowed. >> no a adults are allowed to be there at all breaks one of my first rules for parents which is, you should be where your kids are line. >> reporter: tenth grader tucker ellison says he sees more negative posts than positive. >> everything is anonymous. they almost feel welcome to post inappropriate content. >> reporter: his mom sara thinks the app needs to go. >> once in a while you'll see a positive post. but for the most part it's kids hiding b behind that screen and bullying. >> reporter: the app even has been used t make violent threats. one school i kansas recently went into lockdown after one
7:40 am
students are ready to die today. the app's moderators alerting the dtrict and police before banning the poer. and in michigan a 17-year-old posted, i'd rather take my ar 15 to school and practice on my classmates than to the gun range. ththat stunt pleaded glty to making a terrorist threat. the app's co-founder says they're taking action. >> we're committed to parents and schools because we're all on the same team. and we've made it our goal to become the safest social network and create a safe and p positive environment. >> reporter: the app says they've added content fifilters, parental controls and a report button so students can flag inappropriate posts. and if users seem distressed, the app asks if they want to talk to a counselor about their problems. now, the app says that over 50,000 teens have been helped byy those crisis counselors and even though it's anonymous, if any dangerous behavior is detected,
7:41 am
student's location through their phone and alert authorities. the makers of the app insist they are taking the necessary steps t ensure this is a safe refuge for teens. robin. >> all right, mary, thank you. all right, parents on the desk. what say you? >> putting the parental controls seems to make a big difference. no way our kids could have something we couldn't look at. >> your parents can't look at it. >> i don't like anything i can't look at. >> i don't like anything anonymous. a recipe for disaster. >> we'll see. coming up, puppy love. the first ever dogs born from ivf. and the paris attack has tributes to so many. wait till you see what superstar has taken to the street for a
7:42 am
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it's been just over three weeks since the terrorist attacks in paris andhe world has come out in support of the victims in the city. and the music world has been hed. now, remember the man who traved 400 miles to play "imagine" in front of the bataclan theatre to bring comfort to the city.
7:45 am
and then u2 brought the eagles of death metal, the band that was playing in the theater that night on stage for an emotional rendition of "people have the power." the people rule people have the power >> and now to follow suit on those incredible gestures, just lalastnight, another superstar performed for theeople of paris, madonna, she took to the streets in the place de la republique -- >> verery nice. >> to surprise passers-by. i think you're more surprised at that than madonna playing. here she is singing "like a prayer." >> that was good. you whisper softly to me you're in control just like a child
7:46 am
>> that's her son david with her. which is a great thing to see something like that. she wiped away a tear at the end of the song as she called for peace for the world which i think is something we all can agree with. >> wow. >> yeah. >> perfect song and to be spontaneous with her son, as well, letting him be a part of it. >> music unites the world. >> one thing that galvanizes us. when we come back, melissa mccarthy lik you've never seen her before. coming up, "baby oh! baby" brought to you by baby ddrops.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
that picture amazing and you'll see more of that from northern washington state. waves could grow up to 30 feet. then the storm movesnto the plains, you get severe storms this weekend on the southern end.
7:51 am
all that brought "good morning america" is brought to you by alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu.sabrina: elias: a quick check of traffic this morning... this is i-235 at valley west... [current conditions] elias: good morning i'm elias johnson...
7:52 am
elias: last month, trails end auto salvage in des moines was broken into, and a vehicle stolen. deputies say an unknown male, pictured here, entered the business by force and took the key used to steal the vehicle. anyone who may recognize this man, or has information that would help in the investigation is asked to call the polk county sheriff's office or the polk county crime stoppers. elias: iowa's biggest rivalry heads to ames tonight, as iowa state hosts iowa on the court. payback after last year's loss at carver- but the cyclones showdown the a-p polls. coverage tonight on local five news at five, six, and ten. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
7:53 am
elias: good morning i'm elias johnson...
7:54 am
go big or go o home good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and it's one
7:55 am
live. award season kicicking offith a bang. will viola davis be getting away and is "inside out" headed for a record? we're there for it all and wait till you see who is on phone with us live. bang bang > you've never seen melissa mccarthy quite like this. brand-new pictures of the comedy superstar flaunting her fashion line for christmas. what she says about why women deserve better choices and how we should all deal with finding the right dress. what's the real truth behind those dates onll your food and why do men and women read them so differently? ththe new research this moing that should settle who's right and who is wrong about throwing it out. exclusive this morning, the doctor who has millions clicking. does he hold the key to stopping your baby from crying using three simple steps? this morning he's showing all of us live. all that and the hottest "deals & steals" for the holidays, tory
7:56 am
and tory johnson right there on this thursday morning. a whole bunch of great holiday "deals & steals." so warm you don't have to wear a coat this morning and also we've got the golden globe nominaons. >> and a big debate we'll settle this morning. men and women disagree on a lot of things but also expiration dates. when should you pitch it or put it back in the fridge? >> i'm actually -- i doentsn't think i'm on the side ofof most women. i have the mold test. if it's moldy then i throw it out but otherwise best by, use by, sell by, they're all different so i don't know. i always keeit until i have to throw it out. >> mold test? >> that's when i know. >> a guarantee. >> and men and women disagree on a lot of things but any smart man wouldn't disagree witith a woman. is michelle obama launching
7:57 am
we're going to find out this morning. >> keep stretching. get ginger -- amy running over. see, see. there she is. >> busted. what they miss is me doing the limbo underneath the cameras just in case they take the shot. >> take a breath. >> no, i'm good. i ha exercise every day running over here. thank you, guys. good morning again to you. the big story this morning there is new information about the san bernardino rampage. word that syeded farook'friend and neighbor has admitted he and farook considered an attack as far back as 2012 and the fbi saying farook and his wife tashfeen malik discussed terrorism online two years ago befofore they re even engaged. investigators also looking into whether a san bernardino area high school was a target for the couple after pictures of that school were found on a phone they tried to destroy. and some breaking news overseas. authorities in geneva,
7:58 am
terror alert level in that city after reports of as many as four suspects linked to the paris attack m be in that city. the police search is under way right now. and a controversial plan is turninheads on one university campus. in the wake of recent mass shootings, northeastern university is giving its police force more firepower. abc's linzie janis has that sty. >> reporter: after the latest mass shooting in san bernardino, northeastern university announcing a controversial plan to arm campus officers with semiautomatic rifles. >> just knowing they are around already makes me feel safer. >> reporter: but the boston police department doesn't think this is necessary. telling abc news, "what concerns the bpd is when we hear of certain campus police departments that are nestled within city neighborhoods make decisions like this without including the boston police and other community stakeholders." northeastern says the rifles will be deployed in campus police vehicles during high-level threats telling abc news, "our officers are trained to employ a number of
7:59 am
campus community including the use of tactical rifles if necessary."" communities across the country are now prpreparing r the worst. in indiana state police for the first time offering active shooter training to local residents. this instructional vid used to show just how crucial those first few moments are. >> be prepared to fight if it comes to that. >> reporter: foror "good mning amererica," liie janis, abc news, new york. >> all right, linzie, thank you. and at least one retailer is taking swift action over that frightening video we showed you yesterday. a self-balancing hoverboard bursting into flames at a mall after its battery overheated. has now stopped selling hoverboards because of those safety concerns. and a new warning about the risk of cheerleading injuries. researchers say nearly one-third of all high school cheerleading injuries are now concussions. the most dangerous activities are stunts, tumbles and
8:00 am
and ientists are celebrating the first ever litter of test tube puppies. it took them 30 years to figure out how to breed these seven adorable puppies because the fertilization process is different r dogs than for most other animals and thsuccess at cornell university could help save somendangered breeds. and finally a heartwarming pre-christmas story about a military dad who just got home from overseas. take a look at this family photo with santa. but if you look closely, there's's dad in the back behind santa except the kids had no idea he was there. look at that hug, they were so surprised, his two sons jump into his arms and then that moment with his daughter is jujust -- >> pricess. >> so sweet. you can see -- >> look at her. >> she's not letting go. >> tears of joy in her ieeyes holding her daddy so close. that is a christmas present. >> that is. we have to remember our military men d women who can't get home to their families for the holidays and that is a beautiful family right t there. so glad they're back together. >> thanks for bringing that.
8:01 am
>> over to michael. >> i love that. i love that, you guys. here's a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." melissa mccarthy, she's sharing the secret behind her new look and how she's changing the rules of fashion. and the truth about expiration dates. when do you really need to throw out your food? we've goanswers this morning. and plus, does this doctor have the secret to keeping your baby calm? there are millions of people trying this out right now. he promised to put me in that position to see if it works for me, as well.
8:02 am
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made for real, real life. mom! thousasands of pple came out today to run theace for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? cod you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound likmuch, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do i it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges weelcome you back to "gma" and now those brandew pictures of one of my absolute faves, melissa mccarthy, showing off her khloeing line and speaking out about fashion for abc's juju chang has the story. >> reporter: this morning, melissa mccarthyhy lightinup the
8:07 am
holiday collection of her popular othes line, melissa mccarthy seven. fans noticing her festive blouses, shimmery skirts but also her healthy glow. one person writing online, she looks beautiful and happy. another, she looks fabulous. >> hey, how did you get that picture of me? i look amazing. >> reporter: the 45-year-old star of "spy" is on a roll gracing the cover of this weekend's "new york times" magazi celebrating ten actors in its great performers issue and launching her highly successful clothing line this past summer with sizes ranging from 4 to 28. >> wow. it's m my first d best pageant ever. >> reporter: but the emmy award winnnning moth of two doesn't really talk ababout size choosing instead to focusus on e well-being of women. >> it shouldn't be serious. shouldn't be frustrating. shouldn't make you feel bad about the process and you should be able to be daring with it. it's like it's just clothes. >> reporter: even writing a manifesto on her line's website. "i believe that women deserve
8:08 am
fashion should help us express our individual personalities. clothes should flatter our bodies and not just try to cover us up." >> i'm glad he's single because i'm going to climb that like a tree. >> reporter: the powerhouse actoromated for an as c corps for her comic chops in "bridesmaid" telling "more" magazine this ye, "there is ju this weird thing about how we perceive women in this country," adding "people don't stop at size 12. malls gregate plus size women. it's an odd thing you can't go shopping with your friends because your storere is hidd upstairs by the tire section." my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard >> reporter: rewriting the rules of fashion and life while leading by example. for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. >> we were all just telling our favorite melissa stories. love her. >> she is amazing. she really is amazing. >> want to see "bridesmaids" again. >> there was something she was saying about the clothing line and you don't realize this. sometimes with the larger sizes
8:09 am
place in the department store. and she was really big about, no, just having it all there together and not just wanting her clothing to do that but for all of them to have them all in the same place. you don't want to be separated. dodon't wanto be isolated. >> where you're going to shop but something else that kind of isolates a lot of couples and pits them against each other. >> what's that? >> apparently couples can argue about anything, all right. but the latest arguments are over expiration dates but do ththey realltell you when your food has gone bad? i've always wondered that. well, we have found a story that was first found in "the wall street journal" and abc's mara schiavocampo has more on it. >> reporter: see this jug of milk, mika sebti wants to toss it. >> this is three days past. >> reporter: but her boyfriend mamatt peterson says, not so fast. >> smells good. >> reporter: so goes a common argument for this couple about food expiration dates. matt often ignores the dates on food relying on a sniff test or a taste test. >> tt's disgusting.
8:10 am
date could make her sick. >> there's usually a little bit of a debate and i'll be guarding the garbage pail while she tries to get past me. >> i'll throw it away when he's not around. >> reporter: turns out they're not alone. in one study of attitudes toward expiration dates, 47% of women checking the dates compared to just 41% of men. >> generally speaking, women are more cautious when it comes to taking risks with expired food because women are the managers of the family. >> reporter: they're common labels on everything from milk to eggs to canned ods,s, words lilike best , use by and enjoy by and sell by. but what do they actually mean? >> they don't mean anything. >> reporter: that's right. "consumer reports"' dr. michael hansen says these are not expiration dates.
8:11 am
means is the food is not safe after that date. >> rorter: thanks in part to this confusion, an estimated $160 billion worth of food goes to waste every year. remember, the dates are often set by the manufacturer r to indicate when food is at its best defining when it's really good, not when it's gone bad. for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> now i fancy myself as someone who knows about expiration dates and what is good and what's not even if it's past the date but we have lifestyle expert chi-lan lieu who is here to put me and amy to the te to see who knows best regarding expirationates in a he said/she said challenge.e. so we're going to -- >> i accept that challenge, michael. >> you accept that challenge. >> we're going to get down now, guys. >> we'll start with dairy. we have yogurt.. we have milk. we have eggs and mozzarella cheese which lasts the longest out of all the cheeses. am i correct with that. >> i don't knknow. let's see what amy thinks. >>hich do you think would last the longest? >> i'm going to go with the eggs. >> ooh. >> you're going to go with eggs?
8:12 am
mozzarella cheese. >> all right. we've got eggs. we've got mozzarella cheese. people forget how fragile milk is. this will last five to seven days after the date you see on the container. yogurt, seven ten from the top. momozzarellaone to two weeks and we get to the eggs. that's three to four weeks. >> what? >> so sorry. >> and the way to check for freshness of the eggs, just look at the egg white. >> i'm sorry. >> the cloudier, the fresher one -- >> never hurt me. and next we're going to go to grains. we have boxed cereal, we have bread anwe have pasta. amy. >> i'm going to go with the pasta. >> i am with you with the pasta. >> you guys are champions. oh, my goodness. good job, so, bread, you're going to get five to seven days. for the cereal you get six to eight months, just take all the air out of the bag, roll it tight. pasta, one to two years in your pantry. >> all right. >> one to o two year >> one to two years? i'm surprised by that too. even after two years. >> so true. >> i bought it with intentions that never worked out.
8:13 am
>> now we'll go to cned goods. we have beans, we have fruit. amy. >> which one expires first, right? >> which one expires first? >> okay, i'm going to go with the fruit. >>'m going to go with the fruit, as well. i know. i'm going to go with the vegetables. if i don't get sometething different, you're going to beat me. >> i love that you guys are really thinking. okay. let's talk about the canning process. it is a high heat process that sterilizes all of the contents. sugars in the fruit help keep it more sterile. the fruits and vegetabs, they will last one to two years after that printed on date. the beans expire within a year. >> oh. >> guys. just watch for all the dancing. >> hole on. did i win? did we tie? >> no, i won. you didn't get that. we tied -- >> i'm confused, everybody. >> i'm not. i won. >> you know what, thank you so much, chi-lan. we really appreciate that. >> it's my pleasure.
8:14 am
we'll send it over to george. >> you both did great. >> now we have some great advice for ginger and other new parents. all of us who have been here kn how helpless you feel when you can't calm your baby down. and now one pediatrician his youtube post brings relief to millions. [ baby crying ] >> reporter: dr. robert hamilton is changing the parenting world. >> yeah, that was a big ouch. >> one crying baby at a time. >> it began with me picking up a lot of babies, comforting a lot of babies and over time i found that after i gave a shot or examined them, clearly they start to cry. and i thought, okay, i broke it, i have to fix it. >> reporter: his smooth moves soothe these little darlings in seconds. >> rocking t them up a down and they quiet down. >> reporter: his instruction video shows how to comfort the cries. >> just like that. >> reporter: a viral youtube sensation racking up more than 14 million views. >> i'm humbl by that actually and hopefully will help a lot of
8:15 am
>> reporter: so, does it come down to a gentle voice, smooth sway or that little booty shake? >> i don't want to take him back. i just want you to hold him. i'm kidding. >> reporter: let's find out the secret to wiping away tears. >> look at this guy. he likes the camera. yeah. >> and dr. robert hamilton is here right now. ginger is getting a little practice, as well. i'm going back to the ole days here and he's sound asleep. i don't know if i need to do it.t. whdon't you demonstrate. >> hour, okay, we'll get right to it. here we have our little guy lucas. what i do is i very gently wrap the two arms right in front of the chest and put him in a prone position then with m dominant hand, i grab his little bottom an very gently rock him up and down. they like to -- sometimes they'll grab your fingnger and suck on it and you can roll your finger around the chin and at's it. it works very, very well. >> and she's hungry. this is rio and i'm telling you, she was upset before. you could have heard her in the
8:16 am
then you just kind of shake and bounce. why does this work? >> i think it works because you're distracting them. you're -- if you have an itch on your arm and someone comes up and tickles you, what happens? you forget about your itch. >> it's something about it. when elliott was a little girl, she cried all the time and just putting her on her stomach worked but you're saying folding of the as -- >> very important. you recreate -- remember where they came from, from a very, very tight quarters, iyou will, and by folding the arms, you're essentially swaddling them and recognize that position. >> so what if it doesn't work? there's got to come a point. >> it's a guy thing really. really good for guys, you give the baby back to the mother. that's what you do. >> rule number one, if the baby is sleeping like this, you don't do it. >> exactly. >> thank you, dr. hamilton. you know what, i'm learning. i'm ready. i'm ready. let's do this, rio, and
8:17 am
we have to thank our sponsor ddrops, but, look, fog, rio, and fog happening a lot of places, corpus christi to cincinnati this morning. oh, the visibility low, please be extra careful if you're headed out. see some of those are ss than a quarter mile in nashville up in washington, d.c. a little issue too. flying east to west, and we're still bouncing babies. >> you b >> >> oh, i love this so much. rio is finding the light. she loves the camera. seriously, you're made for this, kid. let's get some "pop" from michael. >> all right. thank you, ginger.
8:18 am
all right. now time for "pop news." and borat is back and he surprised jimmy kimmel last night. let's take a look at the surprise. >> what. who said that? >> oh! [ applause ] >> that is sacha baron cohen stunning therowd on "kimmel" last night. >> look at him. look at him go. get that dance in. d he was in character obviously y to premie the trailer for his newest movie "the brothers -- jimmy doesn't know what to do. he offered to give jimmy a physical examination. none of which is appropriate for our show, this morning, so we can't show it. but in his new movie he stars alongside rebel wilson, his wife isla fisher and penelope cruz. >> that will be fun. >> that's going to be good. >> borat is back. >> you missed him?
8:19 am
>> i missed him, yes. >> it looks like hair buns run in the family. newly released photo of carrie fisher's daughter in "star wars: the force awakens" released by lucas films and thehe actress confirms she doesn't play princess leia's daughter even if she did inherit the hairdo. as a little girl she said she was obsessed with "star wars" and asked her mom to watch it every week. >> whoo. >> that's a lot. >>hey even had a lightsaber fight or two but her mom always won or usually y won. >> of course. >> billy said she loves her mom in the movie because her mom showed how it's always good to be confident and that a woman n be as strong as a man. >> she showed that to amy last week. >> yes, she did. >> tt was interesting, your conversation with miss fisher. >> she is a strong woman, indeed. and a funny one at that. >> vy funny but the force is strong with this mother/daughter duo in "star wars: the force awakens" that opens on december 18th and i know a lot of people here will be in line to watch that one.
8:20 am
house getting a little white hot thanks to first lady michelle obama. she teamed up withsome's jay pharoah dropping a surprise rap song called "go to college." outside chicago we had to do overtime to make it tomorrow and everyone could really make their dream true hey kids listen in michigan that could be you unless -- >> whoa. i'm going to get that one. larger white house effort to address falling u.s. college graduation rates. all for a good cause and i love when the first lady does things like this. >> she's intit. yeah. >> she's actually sounding pretty good. >> the first lady that's on auto tune, i imagine. >> but i got to say she puts the flow in flotus. you know what i mean? that was very good. >> you've been working on that all morning long. >> i've e been worng on that. i'm learning from amy. i'm hitting it. slowly but surely.
8:21 am
malia is about to go to college. you'll hear about that in the next day or so. >> they grow up fast. >> oh, very fast. trust me, i know. >> thanks for pinch hitting with the "pop news." >> my pleasure. when we come back big holiday "deals & steals" for everyone on your list. and the golden globe nominations, who's in, who's out? you'll find out this morning. come on back. go big or go home "baby oh! baby" is brought to you by bababy ddrop the sunshine vitamin in just one drop. the sunshine vitamin in just one
8:22 am
elias: four metro fire departments are considering a move to improve response times across the area. waukee, west des moines, clive, and urbandale have been on the same dispatch network since the summer, now a merger could be the next step. for now they are working on making it possible for their trucks to go to any fire, based on which unit is closest. elias: just over a year later, the man accused of going on a shooting spree in pleasant hill has learned his fate. pete polson, who was found guilty on several charges connected to the shooting spree, has been sentenced to 55 years in prison. he'll have to serve at least 27 and a half years. an appeal is expected in the coming days. sabrina: elias: well let's get a quick check of the weather with meterologist sam schreier. sam/ weather adlib:
8:23 am
what a great crowd we have.
8:24 am
the golden globe nominations are going to be announced this morning. >> and already a big day for pixar "inside out," love that movie nominated for best animated feature film. guess what, going up against another pixar film, "the good dinosaur." also nominations for abc's "american crime" getting a nod for best tv movie or limited series. >> we'll have more on the nominees of the big categories, that's coming up. that's coming up, but first let's get to -- you're right t here. let's get to amy. >> thank you, robin. i'm now going to walk over here to tory because we are counting down to christmas with "deals & steals" that you need to finish off that holiday shopping list or p perhaps like some of us start our shopping list. >> starting. weot you covered. >> so, tory, tell us what we have here. >> first up, this is something that i think is good for so many people, a lulu dharma tote. brand-new patterns, four different patterns for you to choose from. great canvas outside, water resistant interior, magnetic snap closure. >> so cute in the rain and snow.
8:25 am
great deal on those. normally $99, all of the bags are slashed by 71% so $29. this is another one that i think can't beat that. is a really fun one. look at these. they'reeally fun. they're from pinkhouse. just great cuffs. >> so cute. >> very pretty brass with either silver or gold tone. bigssort many, as you can see here and an unbelievable price here depending on what you choose, they range from only $20 to $56 regarly but we're slashing them by at least 57% so every piece you choose, $9 to $22.50 and free shipping from pinkhouse. >> that's incredible. great stocking stuffers. >> yes, very good and good to mix and match. >> okay. hot item here. >> hot, hot item here. so, this is disney infinity 3.0 and this is the "star wars" bundle, right. so, everyone is talking about "star wars" and what's really fun about this, you can create your own adventure, so, you kn, you can do luke against leia and you get to sort of choose the adventure you want for playtation 3 or 4 depending on what system you have at home. another big discount on this hot
8:26 am
normally $115 for the set. >> wow. now that's a deal. that's going to go quickly, i'm sure. these are also -- >> another really fun one, the knex sets. we love knex. everybody loves building. kids of all ages. there are six different options for you to choose from that you'll see when you go to our website. normally the options from k'nex them are $20 to $40 slashing that in half today so $10 to 20 bucks. aren't those fun? >> so fun. they last for the whole time. spiking of fun, we have a little helper. >> harley here. >> harley. >> i think harley is more interested in robin which i don't blame harley. harley is smart. but we'v've got the radio flyers. >> look, harley. >> robin, i thinkarley wants -- >> a little camera shy. >> i think she sees her daddy. harley, whoo. >> we've got radio flyers,
8:27 am
radio flyers. normally $25 to $40, these are all slashed in half. $12.50 to $20. can't beat that. harley -- is robin -- robin -- >> i was g going to -- come on, harley. >> it was that. that's what it is. >> we want to thank all of these companies for providing these great deals. head to our website, h here we g for three bonus deals online. ginger, we head over to you as we try to get harley to play with some toys. >> wants daddy, i think. over it. we should quickly take a look at what's happening out in the pacific ocean. i promised you a look at the waves, the wave heights, 30 plus feet already and coming crashing into the coast today. take some extra care, those high surf advisories,
8:28 am
on advisor [ cheers and applause ] harley is with daddy. harley, we finally figured out what harley wanted. harley wanted daddy. that's it. >> ah. >> we're going to hollywood. some big names getting golden globe nods already. are you ready for this? regina king for "american crime" got a nomination and
8:29 am
come ott0w!tv'hk! %4@-1[d tt0w!tv'hk! el@-;\( tt0w!tv'hk! ed@-=^l tt0w!tv'hk% )8h-] 0 tt0w!tv'hk% kzh-@ol tt0w!tv'hk% n-h-5&@ tt0w!tv'hk% 0ph-+ax tt0w!tv'hk% s"h-;38 tt0w!tv'hk% ueh-8qh tt0w!tv'hk% 7hh-$s< welcome back. sam smith, "witing's on the wall" from the newest james bond movie, the song nominated for a golden globe this morning. good to have chris connelly with us. >> nice to be here. >> oh, we got regina -- >> king. >> she just got a nomination. we're going to talk to her in a little bit coming up but we want to see the rest of the nominees now. angela bassett, , america rrera and others there at the beverly hilton hotel.
8:30 am
i'll go ke this. >> okay. how long? >> you know, there are about to hear 30 acting nominees. >> 20 seconds. >> which means i think -- >> 20 seconds? thank you. >> timing is everything. >> yes. >> especially this morning. >> there are going to be 30 acting nominees we're about to hear in a few seconds and it's such an unsettled year, that one of us will probably get one. >> it's that widopen, chris. >> completely wide open. have your acceptance nomination speeches ready. it's going to be fun. >> and here we go. >> the nominations for the 73rd annual golden globe awards. with us this morning are america ferrera, chloe grace moretz, angela bassett and dennis quaid. america, please get us started. >> good morning.
8:31 am
a television series, musical or comedy. aziz ansari, "master of none." gael garcia bernal, "mozart in the jungle." rob lowe, "the grinder." patrick stewart "blunt talk." jeffrey tambor, "transparent." best performance by an actress in a television series drama, caitriona balfe, "outlander." viola davis, "how to get away with mder." eva green, "penny dreadful," taraji p. henson, "empire." robin wright, "house of cards." best motion picturure, music or comedy.
8:32 am
martian," "spy," "trainwreck." >> best television series drama. "empire," fox. "game of thrones," hbo. "mr. robot," usa network. "narcos," netflix. "outlander," starz. best performance by an act in a motion picture, musical or comedy. christian bale, "the big short." steve carell, "the big short." matt damon, "the martian." al pacino, "danny collins." mark ruffalo, "infinitely polar bear." best director, motion picture, todd haynes, "carol." alejandro inarritu, "the revenant." tom mccarthy, "spotlight." george miller, "mad max: fury
8:33 am
ridley scott, "the martian." >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. jon hamm, "mad men." rami malek, "mr. robot." wagner moura, "nars." bob odenkirk, "better call sasaul." liev schreiber, "ray donovan." best performance by an actress in a supporting role in any motion picture. jane fonda, "youth." jennifer jason leigh, "the hateful eight." helen mirren, "trumbo." alicia vikander, "ex machina." kate winslet, "steve jobs." best performance by an actor in a a supporti role in any motion picture. paul dano "love and mercy." idris elba, "beasts of no
8:34 am
mark rylance, "bridge of spies." >> michael shannon, "99 homes." sylvester stone, "creed." best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama. bryan cranston, "trumbo." leonar dicaprio, "the revenant." michael fassbender, "steve jobs." eddie redmayne, he danish girl." and will smith, "concussion." thank you. >> best performance by an actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy. jennifer lawrence, "joy." melissa mccarthy, "spy." amy schumer, "trainwreck."
8:35 am
van." and lily tomlin in "grandma." best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama. cate blanchett, "carol." brie larson, "room." rooney ma, "carol." saoirse ronan, "brooklyn." alicia vikander, "the danish girl." and be motion picture drama. "carol," "mad max: fury road," "the revenant," "room" and
8:36 am
>> congratulations to all our minees, and please join us on sunday, january 10th for hollywood's biggest celebration. the 73rd annual golden globe awards. >> you know, our producers have just given us all the winners. we didn't need it because we have chris connelly. he had his -- >> you should see his reaction. >> he was checking them off before they were being said. >> if only this was like draft kings or something, i'd book my tickets to bora bora right now. >> i know. >> no. >> erall your reaction to the nominations? >> i think as we expected, there's a lot of names we haven't heard before getting nominated here. a lot of interesting movies. kind of hard, it see for "spotlight" to get any love on the acting front, nothing for mark ruffa or michael keaton or for rachel mcadams. >> you were surprised by that. >> i was a little surprised by that. i expected to see more and jennifer lawrence is in there next to amy schumer, her best friend. that should be a lot of fun to see those two both nominated from "carol," rooney
8:37 am
thing for her, s she's nominated for "room" but she gets to sit at the "trainwreck" table at the golden globes. that's like being at the party at the party. that's going to be the most fun place to be because she was in both films. >> but names that we are familiar with we heard too, lily tomlin. >> lily tomlin. >> jane fonda. >> jane fonda for her tremendous -- it's like one scene in "youth" but it is so dramatic, so powerful that, of course, the golden globes just love that stuff and so she's in there. it's going to be great fun to watch. >> thought helen mirren's performance was so worthy of this nomination. >> "trumbo" very much a film that's on people's minds, i think, out in los angeles. "trumbo" is to the los angeles community what "spotlight" is to journalists, i think, a story of the black list from the 1950s so bryan cranstston also tting a best actor nomination for "trumbo." >> well deserved. >> in best actors, is it leo'o's ye awhere in here? >> you have to say -- all of categories, a year ago we already thought we knew who won in supporting. this is wide open. if there is one favori, it's leonarardo dicapo for "the
8:38 am
>> speaking of wide open for the picture, there isn't really one standout we all are expecting to sweep in this. >> no, i think it's anybody's option. i think people who saw "the martian" a so shocked it was a comedy right now, maybe they think it's a musical because matt damon kept complaining about thdisco music in it but it's in there for sure but, yeah, maybe "the revenant," maybe "spotlight," maybe "carol," a lot o of peopleove "carol." we'll see how that does as the academy season continueues. >> all right. it's just getting going and we're going to go to regina king on the phone. she was nominated fobest supporting actress limited tv series for "ameran crime." congratulations, regina. what do you think about this nomination? >> it's very exciting. very, very exciting. i told my publicis don't tell me the date these happen. i want to put it out of my head. i'm not going to want to stress myself out the night before. so when he calls, i'm like, oh, what happened in l.a. oh, i'm sorry.
8:39 am
>> yeah, she just did. >> regina, we're on network television. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. >> you know, that leftover scene kind of hamy mouth a little -- >> that's all right. you're well deserving but "american crime," it is really a series that has got a lot of people talking about it. why do you think it'really resonating especially now with a lot of folks, regina? >> well, i mean obviously, you know, everything that's going on in our country and our society right now, and it's touching on things that are raw things and things that maybe you might not have thought you were that person but you saw something about these characters say something that maybe possibly you thought sometime and it hits some raw places inside. >> we saw the golden globes nominations for series from netflix, from hulu, from amazon so for a broadcast network to get nomination from the golden
8:40 am
indication of how strong your performance was, regina. >> thank you and that's what my publicist told me, that this is a rare thing. so, the fact i'm hearing that twice in t past 15 minutes, that must be realllly real. >> who was the first person you told about your nomination? >> i haven't told anyone. i was told to call you immediately, and i wante-- >> yes. just as we planned. >> i had to call "gma." i mean, you guys gave me such crazy great support for the emmys so -- >> you're well gee serving of it, regina. well deserving of it. i know you got to get to work so who's the first person you're going to call after us? who is the next person you're going to ll? how about that? >> of course, my mom. i am that typical kid. >> that's what we love about you, regina. congratulations, congratulations. >> thank you so much, guys. all right. >> that was truly one of my favorite shows. >> bye-bye. >> it is.
8:41 am
you have to watch this "american crime" and i just downloaded it all. it's amazing. >> andike she said with the timing of everything that's going on, it just really is speaking to a lot of people. >> from the headlines. >> okay, oh, gosh, rob lowe nominated for his comedy series. rob is going to join us next. come on back for that. no telling what he's going to
8:42 am
sleepwear. [bell chime] ting with rob lowe. he's going to have to call us back on a land line. he got it for tv for "the grinder." >> people still have lanand lines. people like rob lowe still have land lines. we've got the story of the day. he still has a land line. that's amazing. what, does he have a dial-in modem too? this is incredible. wow. star, they're just like we were 20 years ago. >> you are on fire right now. >> it's the caffeine. and it's the gden globes, right. it's the awards show. >> what is it about the golden globes? whenen you seet, it's the first one of the season really.
8:43 am
>> it's nothing but -- it's smiles going in and bigger smiles -- > wn you say relaxed, you mean relaxed. >> their means to relaxation and it's not the breadbasket. >> it's great because you have tv. you have movies. them coming together and you could tell that they're very excited. >> they like seeing each other and they like hanging out with each other when they're there and that's fun to watch on tv. >> we love the acceptance >> speeches. >> yes, we do. >> at the end of the night. after they've relaxed a little bit. >> and with the host this year, no telling what might -- >> mr. nice guy. that's what i always think of when i think of ricky gervais. >> that's it and that's what we think about with you, chris connelly. >> aren't you kind. >> thank you very much.
8:44 am
>> we'll be right back. "good morning america" is brought to you by prudential. prudential, bring your challenges. >> chris, we're off and running, another award seasons. >> and the fun really startsts. i mean, there are no outstanding favorites in most of these categoriries, ando the sprint to the finish line is really going to be something to watch. who knows who is going to take away a golden globe at the end of the day. >> that will keep us watching. that will keep us watching. good to have you here, chris george had to skedaddle a little bit early.
8:45 am
it's friday eve, everybody. >> friday eve. >> friday eve. we'll see you.eve. >> friday eve. we'll see you. elias: last month, trails end auto salvage in des moines was broken into, and a vehicle stolen. deputies say an unknown male, pictured here, entered the business by force and took the key used to steal the vehicle. anyone who may recognize this man, or has information that would help in the investigation is asked to call the polk county sheriff's office or the polk county crime stoppers. elias: iowa's biggest rivalry heads to ames tonight, as
8:46 am
iowa on the basketball court. the hawkeyes are looking for payback after last year's loss at carver- hawkeye arena. but the cyclones will enter the showdown ranked fourth in the a-p polls. look for live coverage tonight on local five news at five, six, and ten. sabrina: meterologist sam schreier is keeping a close watch on the current conditions... hey sam... sam/ weather adlib:
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